N:N Relationship Create record problem with Dynamics CRM 2013

Problem: When we create a record on a N:N relationship, it gives error:

Duplicate Error

And when you download the log fixe the message is:

<Message>Cannot insert duplicate key.</Message>


We have a customer who has a CRM 4.0 update for CRM 2011 and then to CRM 2013. Dev environment have a subgrid that was created from a relationship N: N, because we wanted to have associated records, but did not want that to disassociate, and then eliminate the records.
We identified that when we have the CRM 2013 (no updates) or UR1, UR2 did not fix the problem.
Our customer’s IT department usually does all application installations and when we had the environment with CRM 2013, they installed SP1 and UR1 of SP1.
We continued to check and this would only be resolved with UR3, but when we identified the problem, the server was already with the SP1 and was no longer possible to install UR3. Not even with the UR2 of SP1 resolved this situation. And now the it isn’t possible to install the UR3 (CRM version doesn’t allow it).

So to resume, if you are installing a server, make sure that you install all the Update Rollups, or you might face a problema like this, because some Service Pack doesn’t have the latest features.

Hope this helps.


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