Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 On-Premise Installation

Installing Dynamics CRM sometimes can be a pain if you are installing it in a client that has many restrictions regarding the login users and access.
You may face some of this erros when doing and installation.

Commum errors:
– SQLSERVERAGENT service is not running (during installation) – The user that was running the installation didn’t had the correct permissions. Using a domain admin account worked.

– Setupmicrosoft.crm.setup.server.addaspnetserviceaccounttosqlaccessgroupaction failed. Access is denied – the user that was installing CRM had permission of FullControl on the Organization Unit (OU) that was created for this environment but it didn’t had the Delegate Permission. Set that to the user and then it worked fine.

– CRM 2015 Reporting Extension Setup Error – The SQL Server Reporting Services account is a local user and is not supported – This one I had to change the default Service Account (Report Service) and change to Network Service and apply, Closed Setup of the Reporting Extension and Run it again.

There are alot more other problems that might occur, these were the ones that I faced recently and at the end it was installed.

If you need any help, just send a message.

Hope this helps!


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