Clicking on the Phone field to open Skype call

It is easy to use Skype to call a contact or company.
You need to have a field that is with the phone number format so that will be clickable. When you press the number it will open a window asking if you want to call from Skype or Skype for Business (you will need to check what is configured in the System Settings->General tab).
After that, it will show the Skype window to make the call and simultaneously it will open a phone call activity in the CRM so you can start writing any information about the call.


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Performance Analysis online

When we have a problem in Dynamics CRM instance of a client, Microsoft has available an online page that we use to do some screening of what may be happening to the instance.
For that we must go to the following URL: https://<OrganizationName>/tools/diagnostics/diag.aspx (change the with the client organization) and from there we will have a page with some information that will be analyzed after we press the Run button.

For example


From the Results, we can analyze the Latency, Bandwith, Browser Info and much more.

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Debugging Javascript with Dev Tools

When we are developing in Javascript, sometimes we need to debug the code when we found an error. You can easily do debug with the Dev Tools of the browser.
If you press F12 on your browser you have access to a window like shown below and move to the debugger tab and your code you have a debugger; condition in your code, when you execute the action you will get the debug active and you can start moving on your code to see where the problem is.


You can also search for the web resource file name and make a breakpoint on the DevTools instead if you don’t want to have the debugger; written in your code.


Hope this helps