Use Workflow to fill a field with the stage name

As you might know, in the Opportunity entity there was a field that saves the text of each stage, but if you want that for other entities that field might not be available.
There was a way that worked until the version 8.2, where you build a workflow to run in the entity that you have the BPF and then save the Process Stage Name to the field that you created.
In the new version that isn’t working very well, from my tests it is only saving the previous stage name (the stage that was before the active).
Now to have the actual stage I had to do like this:

-With the next BPF from 8.2, this isn’t working well since it is only putting in the field the previous stage.
-To achieve the what you want, you need to create a workflow that is running in the BPF entity of the process, for example, Phone to Case Process.
-Create a custom field to save the text.
-You put the workflow in sync, then select to run when “Process is applied” and “Process changes” then you select the field “Active Stage Id”
-Then you insert the step Update Record, change it to “Incident Id (Case)” in the workflow and in the properties you add to the field that you want to save the text of the process. On the right options Look for: Active Stage Id (Process Stage) and then the field Process Stage.

It should look like this:


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