Business flows not switching by Workflow/Plugin

The problem is when you want to have a Business Process Flow (BPF) that changes automatically when a user changes a field, but that process flow is only changing to that user and not to the others.

For example:

When user1 changes the field, he can see the BPF changing after the reload of the form. When user2 looks at the same record, he can’t see the BPF changed.

This happens because the BPF’s in Dynamics 365  allows multiple processes to run concurrently against the same record and the process that is running for a user might not be the same to the other user.

To have a workaround that works, it is necessary to implement a JScript OnLoad calling that will set the active process in the record to the one that the user wants, for that it can be used

If you want to know more about the new BPF and how it works, take a look at this post.

Hope this helps.


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