Changed sitemap and can’t access to the instance

There are a couple of issues when you drag or change the sitemap in the SiteMap editor in Dynamics 365.
If you get this problem and can’t access the instance anymore, try to use the XrmToolbox, there is a plugin called SiteMap Editor that try to load your sitemap from there.
If it loads, you just need to correct the faulty subarea or group and then Update the sitemap again to the instance.
If when you try to load you get a parse error message where it should show the sitemap, then it is corrupted and you can reset the sitemap to the default (going to More Actions in the tool submenu), or if you have a backup of you sitemap, just create an new file.xml, click on open sitemap, select the file and then upload sitemap.
This should solve your issue.
You can also find the structure of the Sitemap in the SDK.


Cannot insert duplicate key row in object

Yesterday when I was trying to import a solution I was getting this error:

Cannot insert duplicate key row in object ‘MetadataSchema.AttributeLookupValue’ with unique index ‘NDX_AttrLookupValAttrIdEntityIdCompState’. The duplicate key value is (3343d9f8-8b3b-45de-881f-4501a34e29de, 8, 0, fd140aae-4df4-11dd-bd17-0019b9312238, Jan 1 1900 12:00AM) the statement has been terminated.

After some digging and doing some queries on SQL, I was able to identify the field that was giving me the problem. Some search on the web and I found these posts that helped me:

  • In this one it helped on querying the DB in SQL to know the field:
  • In this post, it also says a way to remove the duplicate key row, but it is specific to that case, make sure to have a backup and perform this operation in an isolated environment.

  • In this post I found a way to go around the problem but not solving it:
  • Comment (or remove) the field that is giving the error in the solution and then zips it again and import.

    Removing the field from the solution allowed completing the import.

    Hope this helps!

    Creating Virtual Machines

    So, the other day I was creating a Virtual Machine (VM) Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP1, then installed SQL Server 2008 R2 so I could get MS Dynamics CRM 2013 on the machine. First had to add the roles, so the installation would work without problems. The roles I added were: IIS, File System and had to run dcpromo.exe to add a domain to the server because CRM installation needs it.

    When I was installing the SQL Server I’ve put all of the services with the same user (Network Service) and the installation went ok, but after I had to change it to the user is was logged on, because the SQL Agent wasn’t working and was saying that couldn’t start running. After the change it started to work. Had some problems on the Reporting Service too, so had to change it to Local System and started to work fine.

    I’m going to install MS Dynamics NAV 2009 (or maybe 2013) on this machine and Jet Data Manager v12.7.0.

    I’m thinking of doing a VM with Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012 R2 too (CRM 2013, NAV 2013), that way I’ll have a VM with the late versions of softwares available.

    Any questions or help, write on the comments that I’ll try to help.