Administrative access mode

When you have edited your Sitemap so every subarea is with the Privilege read and then you want to have a user that is with administrative access mode, the user won’t be able to access the Dynamics CRM, even seeing the menu.

When the user browses CRM, the application will try to display the default user area.

If you remove the option: <Privilege Entity=”new_test” Privilege=”Read” /> the user with administrative access mode will be able to view the CRM.

The other option is to have the permission to Read-Write.

Hope this helps


Sitemap editor throws error

When you edit your Sitemap with Sitemap Editor or doing from the Xml, you need to keep an eye for duplicate Subareas in the same Area of the Xml.

If you have two of the same it will give you an error saying that there are duplicate ID’s in the sitemap, so you’ll need to find and remove one.

After that, the Sitemap will be good to be uploaded.

Hope this helps.

Settings submenu not showing

Sometimes I’ve seen some problems when the instance of Dynamics updated to the Dynamics 365 and the Settings group doesn’t show all the options available, at least I’ve seen when was an update.

If this happens you can check if the option Show Group in the Settings area is checked. You can do this by using the XrmToolBox application, with the SiteMap Editor plug-in, or you can download a solution that contains the Sitemap and check if that property is in the Settings area.

Then you just need to upload your Sitemap and the groups will show up again.

Hope this helps.